The Foyer

This is a cute foyer area, it's lighted in blue. With Japanese Ikibana Plant/arrangement and a boat design candle plate. This will greet guests with freshness and will give a peek of what's inside the condo. Isn't it cool?

The Reading Room

Magazine, Japanese fan, ikibana flower arrangement with colored phone and paper weights. These are the items you will see on the reading or study room. Inspired by Asian Art.

The Bedroom

The bedroom got the inspiration from the asian look or feel in the living room. The window is just right for the room overlooking the front road and the swimming pool area at the back of the condo.

The side table has an asian inspired lantern with shells draping. Cute for a newly wed couple.

Vintage and Asian inspiration for this Interior Design

In this corner, a fusion of vintage and asian inspiration. From the vintage telephone set with 4 frame - frames and wooden decors. Dark Brown or wood cabinets. This is a very beautiful interior design. It's a nice part of the condo where you can see inspirations from different worlds blended in one area.

Reading Room

This is a cute small reading room, part of the condo unit. We transferred the study or reading table here. It's well lighted and has shelves for books and magazines. We added wood decors to make it more asian. With japanese paper fans and a nice chair paired for the wooden table. Cute and nice room.

Asian Inspired Condo Unit Interior Design

Here we already switched ON the lights to have a better vision of the entire room. Check what has changed. This is an Asian Inspired Interior Design.

Condo Unit with Asian inspired Interior Concept

This is the second stage of our mission. If you noticed, we already removed the study or reading table with a 2 seater chair and placed red pillows. This condo unit as an Asian inspired interior decorations. From Throw pillows, bamboo sticks and chairs.

Zebra Print Carpet

This was taken right after we finished cleaning the condo unit. We haven't re-arranged the furniture here yet. We decided to transfer the study table inside a small reading room.

This is just for FUN blog... Will talk anything under the sun

When I visited Engr Mabeth's place, we took several shots inside her condo unit while we were helping around. We were cleaning, eating and having fun... while taking photos too...



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